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Star Bestsellers

Circa 1999-2000 ..... I was around 14 then, and not many things on TV really made me interested other than NGC, Discovery or the News.... and then one day, while browsing channels I saw this short film on Star Plus 'Bhoron Ne Khilaya Phool' under the tele-series, Star Bestsellers.

For the first time ever, I was hooked on to TV! and mind you, these 1 hour episodes, each time a different story, were not just any other TV serial. They are, by far the best, tele-films shown on Indian Television till date.

Star Bestsellers, for many new, struggling actors and directors, proved to be the turning point in their careers and life. To name a few:
  • Tigmanshu Dhulia -
The director of the popular TV show 'Just Mohabbat' (1996) , after directing 6 different 45 min stories for Star Bestsellers, went ahead to direct his first movie - Haasil in 2003, which got rave reviews.
  • Imtiaz Ali -
The king of romantic comedy's.... Went on to direct Socha Na Tha (2005), Jab We Met (2007), and the soon to be released Love Aaj Kal, starring Saif and Deepika Padukone.
  • Anurag Kashyap -
The genius himself..... went on to direct the controversial Black Friday, Paanch, and recently the super successful Dev D..... For Star Bestsellers he directed the terrific story 'Last Train to Mahakali', which is also the only story whose video is available online out of the entire series!!! I am posting the videos on this post... Take 45 mins out for this wonderfully directed story.
  • Kay Kay Menon -
Needs no introduction. Watch out for him in Last Train to Mahakali....
  • Irfan Khan -
The extremely talented actor was seen in 2-3 episodes of the Star Bestseller series.. He got "The Warrior' after Star Bestsellers and made him a face to reckon with all around the world.

The above are only few of the extremely talented actors and directors which made Star Bestsellers what it was.... I sooo wish to get hold of the other episodes...

Trust me, after watching this, you would die for more!


Sidharth Mehta
Dubai, UAE
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Post Edited on 09 May 2010 - Now also watch Kya Yahi Pyaar Hai from Star Bestsellers.


  1. Do you have that episode where these two friends were there..

  2. Do you have this episode where these two friends were there..

    The marriage registrar’s office, a girl and a guy waiting (not a couple mind you) in the queue. The workplace is about to break for lunch. The people waiting in the queue have dispersed
    except for the two, who are apparently waiting for their respective fiancés. They get started when the people they have been waiting for land up. And who are they? Who hate the look of each other? Start fighting at the sight of other? Well … they were living-together before…and so they meet again…and what could possibly happen? They keep coming up with things like “you burnt my magazines right? You didn’t call back after I left a message…. etc. etc. etc. so the other two who watch them fight, get bored and decide to marry each other. So that leaves us with the two of them again. And you can guess what happens.

    1. the name was THE WITNESS.u can watch that story on youtube


    Cinema rules! The engagement with the medium strengthens. Notes are exchanged, views expressed and ideas created.

  5. Thanks for this collection. It is one of my favorite serials which I was used to watch.
    Thanks a lot!!

  6. I was also very fond of star bestsellers.Can you please upload that episode starring Nikki Aneja. I don't remember exactly but it's the story of a mad girl who takes care of this author and when he gets well she tries to murder him by pushing him off a snow hill but instead herself falls down.I remember only the last scene since i was just 10 years old then.I tried a lot to search for this episode.Does anyone have it?

    1. The episode name is "Dead End" and the author was the same person who is potraying the role of "Sr. Inspector Abhijeet" in C.I.D

    2. it was one of the best epsiodes of the whole series...i still rmmbr tat episode somebody pls upload OONCHA KAUN featuring Liliput

  7. There is a story where the heroine is separated from her husband and lives with her son. She meets some young man whom she marries soon. The son is not able to accept that. Sometime later the mother falls seriously ill and gets admitted in the hospital. One night when her son comes to see her she makes him promise that if he would call her new husband Daddy, then next morning she will come back home. The child does so and next morning his mother's dead body comes home. Shocked and dumbstruck he continues to call his step father Daddy as that had been his mother's last wish. The two become very good friends and soon afterwards the son's biological father comes and forcefully takes away the son. Years roll by and the son has now grown old and he comes back to the old house only to find that the father is still waiting for him to come back someday. I cant remember the name of the story. If someone can please help me out with its name.

  8. Hi... does anyone know the name of this episode, which takes place in a school. It's about two friends, one of them having a problem of frequent urination and her classmates taunting her as 'pampers'.. The girl wore glasses and was nerd types.. I tried searching it everywhere but couldn't find it.. Another story I am looking for is the one in which he husband sends his wife in a mental asylum and is stuck there forever, where she encounters a lesbian nurse.. does any know the names of these 2 amazing stories and can you please upload it as soon as possible ... thanks

  9. a story about a couple , a friend visits them and wife and friend get comfortable and they drink coffee. does anyone remembers it?


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