Friday, August 22, 2014

Sidharth Returns

Sidharth Returns... Singham Ishtyle ;)

I could not think of a better heading to this post given the fact it has taken me 1.5 years getting back to the blogosphere, and all around you have the excitement of Singham Returning to the theaters. I loved the first part honestly, hope his returning is worth it. Mine is for sure! :)

Apologies to my regular followers for being away so long. Life isn't just about the blogosphere, and I guess last couple of years, life just reminded me that! But, I am glad life did that. You get to learn a lot, you get to understand the world better, and you get an altogether different meaning and perspective of how happy one can be. Happiness to me, is what I am today. All those who know me personally I guess know what I mean by that :)

Last few weeks I was building on the thought to get back to blog, but was just waiting for that topic/issue to make a comeback on. Lately, I have also been following signs which life gets in front of you, and it is upon you whether you follow them, leave alone just noticing them. Today, a random WhatsApp message from a friend (Shraddha) asking why have I stopped blogging, was the sign for me to return. I was overwhelmed that she actually remembered and missed the blog! That's when I knew, time to switch on my laptop, and start typing. And about what? Well, what better than announcing my return!

Seize the day. Carpe Diem!

I guess, this is it for this post. Do welcome me back with your comments! :)

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