Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kingfisher - The King of Bad Times..

Quoting the Times of India, from this article:

...Kingfisher Airlines needs at least Rs 10 billion to restart its grounded operations and must also demonstrate an ability to sustain itself for at least 6 months, civil aviation minister Ajit Singh said on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, a senior government source said India was willing to support a rescue plan from Kingfisher if it could settle months of salary due to frustrated employees...

The Key Question: Does the government need to really help Kingfisher?
A simple and sweet answer to the above question is - "NO".

Flamboyant is an understatement when you have to describe the owner of Kingfisher Airlines - Mr. Vijay Mallya. The once upon a time - determined businessman who worked hard to build recognized brands such as the Kingfisher Beer, and buying out top notch liquor brands from around the World, is still seen posing with bikini clad models in a fashion calendar of his own company, leave aside attending many parties involving bollywood celebrities. If that is not enough, he is seen flying every second weekend for Formula 1 races in which he owns a British Racing Team with an Indian name!. There have been times recently where he simply disappeared from the public view (many assuming that he might be trying to clinch some deals to save Kingfisher Airlines), only to be found relaxing in his private yacht. 

Quite honestly, the above paragraph profiling Vijay Mallya is enough to take a decision why the government should not bail out Kingfisher Airlines. Anyhow, reasons to justify what I say above, are below....

- Kingfisher is a private company.
- It is bankrupt due to the faulty management by its owner and other top management executives. 

A Simple Solution
If the government really wants to help someone in the Kingfisher Airlines issue, it should be only the employees who are more frustrated than even the owner of this private airline. 

- As a goodwill gesture, the government could give 3-4 month’s salary to the employees of Kingfisher Airlines as compensation. I mean, if the government is willing to give 10 BN Rupees to bail out the Airline, instead why not simply give that money as compensation to the employees. The owner and top management, quite honestly deserve their Airline to be shut down, given their failure to run it properly as well as for the sheer ignorance and arrogance of the owner. 

- An even better solution would be to give jobs to all the employees of Kingfisher Airlines, and hire them within the government owned - Air India. The people of India in general are already fed up of the problematic service of Air India; add to that the Air India crew literally sucks in the air!. These Kingfisher Airlines employees could add value for Air India with their private airline experience and hospitality. All this could very well happen with the 10 BN rupees which the government is willing to give to the management of Kingfisher Airlines. 

All this, obviously, is possible only if our politicians will not think of the money they would like to transfer to their Swiss bank accounts.

In hope to fly the king of good times again....

dubai, Jan 2013.
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