Saturday, September 22, 2012

Pathetic Journalism - TOI - Rajasthanis stranded in Kuwait

Ok. First of all - apologies for being off the blogosphere for now almost 11 months! Things were genuinely busy, but no excuse for not able to do what I do best - express my thoughts on this blog.

I was reading through the Times of India website earlier today, and something which caught my attention was this news item on their cover page --- "Rajasthanis stranded in Kuwait; families urge state govt to intervene" mainly because of two reasons. First, I am a Rajasthani myself, and second, I live in the gulf as well (though not Kuwait, but in Dubai).

Read the first line itself of the article, and you would know that TOI has done what they do the best -- Blunders. "With the US-led attack on Iraq entered on the second day many Indians including Rajasthanis have been deported back to their respective homes.".

The article is trying to make us believe that the US-led war on IRAQ has entered the 2nd day now, which it actually did ages ago.

Going through the entire article you would know that it is about some visa issues of Indians in Kuwait (most of them Rajasthani's). My question is - How is Indians being detained in Kuwait due to visa issues have any sort of relation with the US led war on IRAQ???? 

I love reading the HINDU for news... but moments such as this, which gives me a lot of content to put for my own blog, I do not mind reading through the TOI website :) .

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